Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Pinoccio Starter Kit
09181 03 l
SparkFun Big Red Dome Button
22-gauge wire

Custom parts and enclosures


Sketchfab still processing.


// Save these functions to your Scout (the one in the button), via HQ or the Arduino IDE.

function startup { pin.write("d2", HIGH); pin.makeinput("d3", INPUT_PULLUP); };
function on.d3.low {; };
// Save this function to each other Scout in your troop. After adding it, you can use
// "print n" to show the number of times the button has been pushed - useful for tracking
// attendance or other metrics.
// The "if" statement here checks the ID number of the Scout that sent the message. If
// necessary, change it to the correct one (as seen in the video).

function { if (arg(2) == 7) {; n = n+1; }; };


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Alex Glow

The Hackster team's resident Hardware Nerd. I like robots, music, EEG, wearables, and languages. FIRST Robotics kid.



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